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Waterfalls in Japan

Waterfalls in Japan


In Japan, there are about 2500 waterfalls, and 517 waterfalls are named waterfalls. Many of these waterfalls are located in remote mountain locations such as Syomyo waterfalls located in the middle of Japanese Alps.

Senpiro fallsSenpiro falls 


Joren falls
Joren falls 


Nachi fallsNachi falls 

Tsugane fallsTsugane falls


Fukuroda fallsFukuroda falls


Fukiware fallsFukiware falls


Kegon fallsKegon falls


Oshinkoshin FallsOshinkoshin Falls


Jinba fallsJinba falls


Anmon fallsAnmon falls

Hirayu fallsHirayu falls

Hossawa fallsHossawa falls

Oko fallsOko falls
Choshi fallsChoshi falls


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