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Fashionable Way to Display the Classics

“Mochi” is a “rice cake” made by pounding steamed rice, and is a traditional Japanese soul food. Mochi is very smooth and soft when is freshly made, and can be kept for a while. However, it dries and hardens if kept too long. Well, there is another way of enjoying “old” hardened Mochi.

“Arare” is deep fried hardened dry mochi, and has been favorites for kids and old people! The texture is like cracker and very crisply with a pinch of salt.

This is a view of a specialty shop for arare! Although Arare does not sounds like “fashonable snack” for the most of Japanese people, this very novel way of displaying various kinds arare with different tastes and flavor may changes “common sense” of Japanese people for Arare.