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Suika-wari, watermelon crushing, is a national favorite seasonal game in summer.

There even exits the Japan Suika-Wari Association (JSWA), and they state official rules for Suikawari!

Forget about the official rules, it is very simple to enjoy it. What you have to prepare is a towel or any sort to cover your eyes so that you cannot see the target watermelon, a watermelon, of course, and a tough stick or wooden sward to smash the watermelon!

First, blind your self with the towel, hold the stick, rotate as many time you like (the more the better and more fun) by using your stick as a pivot, try approach to the watermelon placed about 5 m by relying on your friends advice, and smash the watermelon (if you can)! Easy

Well, once you try it, you should find it is not as easy as it looks, but that is the funny part of it. Suika-wari is often played at a beach, but liken in this picture, can be played in a schools as a part of their summer event. Concerning about the wasted smashed watermelon?  Don’t worry, we “consume” it afterwards! ; )

*A little Japanese glossary:

“Suika” means a watermelon. Very popular fruit in summer season in Japan. Very sweet and juicy, but has many black seeds inside. Most of Japanese, if not all, must have an experience of spitting suika seeds. Kids compete how far they can spit the seeds!

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