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Mt. Mitake, Tokyo

Mt. Mitake rock garden 3
Mt. Mitake rock garden

You only need about 1.5 hrs trip on a train to reach Mt. Mitake and escape from the noise and dust in the central city of Tokyo.
Well, believe or not, you are still in Tokyo, but here, you are free to breath a fresh air and to relax!

Mt. Mitake rock garden 2
Mt. Mitake rock garden

Trekking in the green will heel your soul damaged from your daily life.

Stand on a carpet of a fallen leaves and close your eyes.  The whistling of winds, the song of birds, the melody of flowing water… what else can you hear?

Nanayonotakie water fall Nanayonotaki water fall

A water fall of about 10 m high, which is one of a group of 8 water falls over about 50 m height difference. Splashing cold water droplets cool your sun-heated skin.


Mitakesan, Omeshi, Tokyo.


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