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Mirror water surface with Sunset at Shinobazu-no-ike


Sunset at Shinobazu-no-ike at Ueno, Tokyo taken by iPhone 5.

At low over the water surface, bats were flying to catch flies in hot and humid air, and a duck passing in front of me screws the mirror surface into chaos, forcing me to wait for some 10 seconds.

Some 10 seconds!

Such a short period of time in the ordinary time scale!

We got too used to waste so many “10 seconds”.

Of course we know that “10 seconds” are finally added up to “hours” in theory, but only few people notice it in real life.

Here, 10 seconds need not be added to hours.

The sun tells me that 10 seconds really counts, so that I am not able to view the same scene after 10 seconds with the fast moving sun (or the earth!).

A picture is a little bit rough because of high iso sensitivity, but still very dramatic.

By the way, 15 min after, there was very strong rain started, and I had to escape to a coffee shop near by.

I forgot the golden rule of low flying bats = low flying flies = there will be rain soon!

So many things to learn from the mother nature!

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